Clawhammer Music and Arts Festival

Clawhammer poster

It’s not everyday that someone asks me if I want to be responsible for creating a music festival 2,000 miles from home. Being something of an ambitious masochist, I said, “Yes!” Somehow I found the time – between releasing Psychic Temple II, assembling an East Coast tour, mailing out secret messages, producing a series of videos, driving a truck, performing my usual duties as a husband and father, and occasionally sleeping – to help create the Clawhammer Music and Arts Festival!

Held over the weekend of July 20th and 21st in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Clawhammer was a tremendous undertaking that was made possible only by the faith and hard work of the staff at the Oshkosh Masonic Center. I couldn’t be more proud of the people who helped to make it all possible: Nathaniel and Amanda Frank, Ashley Elmer, Karin Reeve, Eric Anderson, and Don Wood. Long Beach neighbor, friend, and conspirator Michael Wysong designed the wonderful poster and website.

This is a different kind of festival. It’s decidedly small, thoughtfully curated, and hosted by one of the cities oldest buildings. The musical acts include lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore, iconoclastic Chicago rapper Serengeti, electro-pop perfectionists All Tiny Creatures, teenage sister-act Lily and Madeleine, long-time friend and collaborator Liz Janes, and former member of .357 String Band, Joseph Huber. Of course, the Psychic Temple and I will also be in attendance for the weekend’s festivities. 2-Day passes are only $30 and include admission to workshops, art exhibitions, wine tastings, and all the music you could ask for.

I worked on naming the festival for what seemed like months. Eventually, Captain Beefheart and the Chippewa language came to my rescue with a little banjo/guitar technique thrown in for good measure.

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