Deneir - Nowhen

Deneir – Nowhen EP

Credits: Electric Guitar on “Piaf Peeloff” and “Quantum Foam and Non-Spagettification”, Mastering.

Notes: Seven song EP. Features remix from Autechre.

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Jonathan Dueck - 16mm

Jonathan Dueck – 16mm

Credits: Composer, Engineer, Electric Guitar on “I Heart Lung 01-05″, Mastering.

Notes: 20 hand-painted 16mm short films. Features music from Chad Vangaalen, Son Lux, & Deneir.

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Ellul - Ashes

ELLUL – Ashes

Credits: Producer, Engineer on “Grave Peddlers”, “Drone”, & “Memorium”, Electric Guitar on “Birthright” & “Memorium”.

Notes: Recorded at Sounds Are Active Studios in Long Beach, California, Fantasy Studios in San Francisco.

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Liz Janes - Say Goodbye

Liz Janes – Say Goodbye

Credits: Composer, Acoustic Guitar on “I Don’t Believe In You” and “Bodies”. Acoustic Guitar on “Tincture 1″ & “Bitty Thing”.

Notes: Album produced by Rafter Roberts and recorded at Singing Serpent Studios in San Diego.

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Rare Grooves - Cause For Concern/No Garden 7

Rare Grooves – Cause For Concern/No Garden 7″

Credits: Producer, Electric Guitar Solo on “No Garden”.

Notes: Two song, limited edition 7″ recorded live in the studio with Minutemen bassist, Mike Watt.

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Chris Schlarb - Psychic Temple

Chris Schlarb – Psychic Temple

Credits: Composer, Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Moog Taurus Pedals, Percussion, Clarinet.

Notes: Four song, 33-minute opus. Features Mike Watt, DM Stith, Mick Rossi, and Julianna Barwick.

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DM Stith - Heavy Ghost Appendices

DM Stith – Heavy Ghost Appendices

Credits: Electric & Acoustic Guitar on “I Heart Wig”, Electric Guitar on “Pity Dance (Actuel Remix)”.

Notes: 2xCD import collection of tracks from BMB, Pity Dance, Thanksgiving Moon, & Braid of Voices EP’s.

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